Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

3 Tips For Increasing Lead Conversion In Legal Marketing

by Ana Weaver

Like any other business, lawyers need to invest time into their marketing strategy to land a steady stream of clients. Using various marketing tactics can help you generate leads that will hopefully convert into lucrative clients.

Don't Allow Your Website To Languish

When your website languishes it can mean one of many things. Having an outdated website, even with useful information, can force visitors to look elsewhere for legal help because your website might appear abandoned or you are careless with maintaining your content. Even worse is when a legal website has options to contact a lawyer with questions or to schedule a consultation and no one ever follows up. Ideally, you should follow-up any reasonable questions or requests within a couple of business days or a week, maximum. Even if you cannot help the person with their current legal concern, they will likely remember how helpful you are and recommend your law firm to someone else or return if they have an applicable problem in the future.

Put Yourself In The Public Eye

People remember lawyers who are in the public eye, whether it was because they handled a high-profile case or because they are often seen in the news or other public forums as a resource for expert advice. If you have spare time, you might integrate different methods of showcasing yourself and other members of your legal team's authority on different topics. For example, if you practice within the business law, you might consider hosting affordable seminars that discuss common law topics related to entrepreneurs or small businesses. Using this method, you are being compensated for your time, but if any of the attendees ever has a problem, they will likely contact your law office. Some topics that might be helpful are ones that are applicable to your state and jurisdiction, such as when a freelancer or entrepreneur may be required to consider themselves a business and should file accordingly to prevent any legal consequences. 

Encourage Referrals

Referrals from previous clients remains an important way of landing new legal clients. Regularly follow up with your past clients, such as sending them a quarterly email or newsletter, and include a short blurb regarding referrals. You might even offer an incentive, such as a small discount on fees if a new client mentions a previous client of yours. Another way you can encourage referrals is by using networking events. If you are active in law societies or alumni organizations from law school, it is likely other members of your networking events know someone that could use your services because it is not within their specialty. Just as you are hopeful they will send clients your way, you should be willing to do the same and work together.

Making ongoing efforts to generate leads is important to keep a constant flow of clients. By using a variety of tactics you can eventually focus more on the methods that are the most successful. To learn more, contact a company that specializes in legal lead conversion services


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Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

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