Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

4 Strategies For Improving Your Online Visibility

by Ana Weaver

You can have a wonderful business, but it means little if you are virtually unknown online. With the appropriate help from a search engine optimization (SEO) agency, you can determine the right strategy for increasing your visibility and remaining competitive.

Increase Activity On Your Website

Whenever possible, you should incorporate features that will make your website active so it will appear higher in search engine rankings. This is more of a challenge for some businesses, such as law firms, that mostly have static websites. The easiest way to boost activity on any website is to add a blog. Start with weekly posts and you can increase your activity as you find new topics to discuss. The blog posts that will be most useful to your website are those that provide interesting or useful information to your audience. If you can create longer blog posts while maintaining the attention of visitors, you will increase your engagement and also improve your search engine rankings.

Pay Attention To Keyword Information

Depending on the content management system for your website, you may have the opportunity to install plug-ins that can help with keywords on your website. As an alternative, you can do keyword research using webmaster tools. Using these tools allows you to understand how well the content on your website is doing and strategize new content or directions for your website. For example, you might notice certain posts tend to drive more traffic to your website because of specific keywords and phrases. To keep the traffic going, you might put more content into your blog post rotation that is directly or indirectly related to keywords that do well for your website. Regularly monitoring keywords for their competitiveness and number of monthly searches can give you ideas for future website content.

Get Busy On Social Media

Connecting your social media platforms to your website adds to brand recognition, but it can also help with SEO. When people search for information, it is not uncommon for them to find social media profiles or specific posts in their search results. Each time you create a new blog post or other information on your website, be sure to cross-post a link on each social media platform. Use your social media as more of a platform for engagement. You might ask your audience questions or address trending information in a professional manner, if it relates to your business. Live streams, such as tutorials, radio shows, or interviews, are another way to bolster the activity on your social media. If you can become creative with your posts, you can expect to have at least a post each day on your platforms so your profiles never appear abandoned.

Mind Your Directory

Your directory information helps with visibility, but it is also critical for your online reputation. Make sure you have updated directory information on all available search engines, since high amounts of traffic can come from any search engine. It is also important to understand how to interact with people who leave reviews on your directory listing. Being kind and thoughtful to people who leave nice reviews is a good way to express gratitude and show others you are paying attention to your reputation and customer experience.

There is always the chance of having a negative review because no business is perfect. Use negative reviews as an opportunity to show you listen to customers and make a reasonable effort to resolve their issues. Keeping an eye on your directory information can also help you diffuse problems when they are in the early stages. Some businesses may receive a sudden influx of negative reviews, which are typically not from actual customers. Know the remedies available to have false reviews removed promptly, whenever possible. Do not exacerbate the problem by engaging people because this typically backfires and can compromise your reputation and increase your visibility for all the wrong reasons.

Increasing your visibility online is critical for attracting new business and as a marketing tool. Using a combination of tactics for improved visibility will ultimately boost your search engine rankings. Get in touch with a SEO services agency to learn more.


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Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

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