Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

Hispanic Advertising: When Should You Target This Demographic?

by Ana Weaver

There are many different demographics for you to reach out to when it comes to advertising: gender, age, location, social status, and even race. When it comes to advertising to the Hispanic regions, you need to know when this target market is most appropriate for your advertising needs and when to strike most. Otherwise, your advertising efforts will cost you money and time but give you little to no results.

Since the Hispanic market can give you a large return, particularly if you live in a region where this demographic is notable, then you want to market in the best way possible. Here are tips for when you should target the Hispanic demographic in your area.

During traditional holidays

Holidays that are important to the Hispanic culture, such as Cinco de Mayo, should be taken into consideration when targeting this type of demographic. However, you don't want to only target the Hispanic market during major traditional holidays to avoid appearing biased. Just make sure to advertise more heavily in the Spanish communities during special holidays and events and make sure your advertising efforts are put in the right places.

For example, celebration events should be marketed by advertising for local fresh foods, spirits, and clothing. Pay attention to current buying trends in your area to see what Hispanic marketing efforts will work best in certain stores or online.

During outreach events

When you have community activities, is the Hispanic region healthily included? Do you see a majority of attendees to local marathons, family activities, and other events, to be non-Hispanic? You want to raise awareness of your community efforts in the Hispanic communities, which can be done by advertising — in both Spanish and English — upcoming community and outreach events in your area. These adverts can be placed at local churches, job functions, restaurants, community calendars, and the local library to help bring your whole community together.

You want to market to the Hispanic demographic successfully, which can be done by choosing the right promotional style and when to strike with your marketing campaigns the most. You want to remain approachable and traditional in your advertising approach while still maintaining a healthy acceptance of the region and its cultural values. It helps to hire a marketing executive with an understanding of Spanish culture to help you with your marketing campaigns. The right efforts will help you promote your business or community events with ease and reach the community as a whole more effectively.

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