Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

The Keys To Quality Business Website Development

by Ana Weaver

Business website development is one of the critical components of a modern marketing strategy. Of all of your online marketing tools, your website is the one that's most within your control. Consequently, you should do everything possible to maximize its quality. Web developers will encourage their clients to focus on these four areas.


Foremost, you want to be as clear as possible about your company's objectives. There is a huge difference between a branding site for a consulting agency versus an e-commerce platform for a direct-to-consumer product. A business web development firm will use different code bases and layouts for such divergent objectives. Setting objectives early in the project will go a long way toward ensuring that the results align with the company's needs and those of the public.


Most businesses need to implement brand standards. From a web dev perspective, this means using specific colors in the graphics and layout. It also dictates what language goes into the content.

You will want your company's website branding to be consistent with work in other media. If someone visits your firm's social media feeds, you want them to instantly recognize the branding from the social presence if they follow a link to the website. To accomplish this, you need to nitpick right down to the exact color codes and fonts for the brand.


Businesses typically need to integrate their websites with other systems. Using your list of objectives, you can determine what integration is necessary.

For example, a client-driven business might need extensive integration with its customer relationship management tools. Customers and salespeople may need direct access to the CRM's data through a web portal. On the business web development end, this usually means securely integrating the CRM's application-program interface with the site. API access may also need asynchronous access or even streaming capabilities to supply the desired data.


You can't have growth without measurements. In the business website development industry, analytics software is your measuring device. An analytics package will tell you how many people have visited the site, who they are, where they're from, and where they're going on the site.

The analytics package will provide a dashboard so decision-makers can track results and plan future work. You can see what's connecting with web visitors and what isn't. Using that information, you can adjust marketing messages to target strong appeals and remove content that just doesn't click.

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Creating The Company You Have Always Dreamed Of

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